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In 1972, Keith and Edna Gaisford with their two

children purchased 48 acres in Baldivis with the

purpose of building a home, living on the property,

running a hobby farm and creating an Archery

Venue supporting Target and Field Archery.

The Baldivis Archery Club was established in 1975 to cater for archers in the Rockingham area following a call from the then Shire Clerk, Don Cuthbertson. Migrants from the UK who had settled in Rockingham had been archers in their country and wanted to continue with their sport. The newcomers deemed that the existing club in Melville was too far to travel. The club opened with 8 members and quickly increased in number to 16 as several members of the Bowmen of Melville (the Gaisford’s previous club) travelled to Baldivis to join the “new” club.

Edna and Keith Gaisford


As publicity exposed the club, more members joined from the Kwinana, Rockingham and Mandurah districts.

The club joined in with the Archery Society of WA Metropolitan League tournaments and soon became a force of winning archers. The club used an old fibro shed as it’s club rooms until plans were made and submitted to Rockingham Council for the construction of a steel frame metal clad building. In 1979 the owner’s house was destroyed by fire and was later rebuilt.

The club continued to flourish and has over the years enjoyed great success at State National and International level. Four members of the club have been in Australian Teams for World Championship Field Archery and one has been the Manager/Coach of Four Australian Olympic Teams.

In 1988, an Indoor Range was built and was used regularly for indoor shooting in the evenings, wet days and as a Seminar venue for Coaching sessions. The club has hosted a number of National and International Archers and has conducted trial shoots for the Australian Team selection.

In 2005, the club moved grounds to its present location near the Golf Driving Range and BMX track located off Ennis Avenue. The club has worked hard to provide facilities which include Wheel Chair access, ladies and gents fixed toilets, club house, recreational shade area and shooting line shade and weather protection.

The club has Target, Field and Clout facilities, allowing archers of all skills and disciplines to enjoy the full range of archery events. The club also hosts a number of registered State shoots and supports Archery WA through active attendance and membership.

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