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National Integrity Framework


Archery Australia has recently adopted the National Integrity Framework and will be in effect from this point forward.

This is an important and great step forward for our sport to help us ensure Archery is a safe, fair environment for everyone who participates.

The National Integrity Framework is a suite of new integrity policies around issues like child safety, member protection, illicit drugs, competition manipulation and others. In line with previous Member Protection and Integrity Policies, all members of Archery Australia are to be bound by the new integrity policies.

In addition to the new policies, we have also adopted a new independent complaint handling process, run by Sport Integrity Australia. This means that all members can raise any integrity concerns directly to Sport Integrity Australia, who will review each complaint, and make any disciplinary decisions, independent of Archery Australia. 

The suite of policies within the Framework can be found on Archery Australia’s sports integrity page on our website and include:

  • National Integrity Framework

  • Member Protection Policy

  • Child Safeguarding Policy

  • Competition Manipulation and Sport Wagering Policy

  • Improper Use of Drugs and Medicine Policy

  • Complaints, Disputes and Discipline Policy


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What do you need to know?

All participants should familiarise themselves with the National Integrity Framework and in particular the Prohibited Conduct contained within each policy.

From today onwards, if you have a concern or a complaint about an integrity matter related to the above policies, you can submit your concern directly to Sport Integrity Australia using their webform or by phoning 13 000 27232.

Archery Australia will continue to manage other complaints unrelated to these policies, such as Selection Policy disputes.

For more information on the National Integrity Framework and what Sport Integrity Australia will manage, Click Here

For more information:

Archery Australia Website - Archery Australia

Sport Integrity Australia –

Archery Australia Integrity Manager is: Sara Dailey (

Archery Australia Complaint Manager is: Sara Dailey (

Archery Australia
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